Migrating from Lookout to Thunderbird Supernova

God ettermiddag Dave, It’s near quitting time over there (if you even have one) and I see you’re online. Would this be a correct forum to discuss Email clients or would you prefer that I submit a ticket? -

@SecurityBill Good afternoon to you. It’s fine to discuss email clients here. Support tickets are better when there might be some account specific question you need to ask as we don’t discuss individual customer accounts here as it is a public forum. How can we help? :slight_smile:

When I started last Friday migrating from M$ Outlook of over 20 years to Thunderbird Supernova. I found it to be a bit of a learning curve but nothing that frightened me, my main issue is that TB for whatever reason created a number of erroneous folders that were not originally on my RB email accounts which were then reflected in RB, most important is my “sent” folder. I’m trying to research forcing TB to reload the correct IMAP folder structure now that I’ve corrected them in RB v7. This problem spans all of my email accounts. I’m not too invested with my time at this point and while TB has a pleasant look and feel should I slam on the brakes and redirect my efforts towards the only Email client that I’ve seen mentioned in Runbox’s help files “EMClient”? Would you care to comment?

I don’t know if the settings look any different in Thunderbird Supernova compared to previously but we have a guide here about telling Thunderbird which folders to use for email.


Does that help at all?

Thanks for the prompt reply Dave, that is the first snippet I reached for on Friday, alas It is a bit dated. If you don’t mind me asking since we all share a Nordic bloodline, is there a general consensus amongst the Runbox executive staff?

Some of us aren’t Nordic but it makes no difference at Runbox :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at Thunderbird Supernova but I suspect similar settings are there somewhere. Are you looking for a consensus on Thunderbird as an email client or where you might find the settings you need?

No Dave, I was looking to see if there was a client that was a bit more stable with a modicum of support available if I needed it. There lies my love/hate relationship with open source software, it has the best of intentions or even passions but the Authors have to make a living somewhere else first.

Ah I see. Well, Thunderbird is one of the email clients that we recommend as it is stable (in our experience) and works well. One of my colleagues uses it as their main email client. So to some extent as we have experience using it we are happy to offer support in relation to using Thunderbird with our service. Although a bit out of date our list of recommended email clients is here: Recommended Email Programs (apps) | Runbox Help

We also have good reports of FreeEmail from Android users and also K-9 Mail which is now under development again.

Mozilla Thunderbird has a growing core of Full-time paid employees with solid average salaries. In 2022, the full-time paid employees were 24. Their budget was a bit over 6 million dollars. It is not like those many wonderful projects with a core developer working part-time and then a dozen very part-time contributors.

A couple of years ago, they began a full rewrite of the entire code base and trying to have an overall image of a destination, rather than be such a patchwork. It is getting better and better.

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Something I’ve seen regarding the sent folder specifically, is there is a setting somewhere in probably account settings, that asks if it should copy sent messages somewhere. This is an additional copy, like perhaps a special archive of some sort. I’ve noticed that checked and then a folder specified that all the sent messages were Copied to it, giving the client 2 sets of sent messages.

Maybe that’ll give you a clue.

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