Misalignment of loginpage when entering TOTP code, Firefix on Android

When on a Samsung S9, running Android 8 and Firefox 61.0, phone in portrait position, you want to enter TOTP code for login, the page gets misaligned. You cannot see the start of the entry field and if you want to paste a code, the paste menu is out of view. The Webmail build was 2018-07-31.

If you turn the device to landscape orientation, all is well. Also, when you are logged in and turn the device, the consequential reformatting of the mail list works nicely, so this seems to apply only to the login screen.

See attached pisture.

Experiencing the same behavior on iOS Safari.

Additionally, even though this is also true for desktop, I’d say that the “Submit” button can be difficult to find. I think it’s caused by both the button being too small (or not clearly labelled) and the 2FA method selection+goback button being at the button of the form.

I’d suggest to add a clear label the submit button and to move the input field and the submit button bellow the 2FA method selection as it is done in https://runbox.com/mail 2FA authentication.


Hello. Thank you both for your comments. We are just starting a period now where we are focusing more on how the interface works on mobile devices. We can start to address some of the issues raise here and elsewhere on the forum.