Missing folder name

When searching, the folder in which the message has been found should be displayed in an additional column: inbox, sent…
Or the search should be limited to the current folder.

(Firefox ESR 52.6 on Windows 7)

We currently see this as less crucial as the local/synchronized index allows you to (repeatedly) search very quickly and view messages in threaded mode.

  • Geir

There are folks who like to keep messages in folders, and use filtering to distribute incoming messages.
If it’s impossible to see which folder a given msg is in, it’s virtually impossible to check/debug filtering.

I also would prefer that the folder containing the message be displayed in the search results.


I personally use folders extensively so I see your point.

As a first step we could perhaps highlight the associated folder when a message in a search result is clicked.

  • Geir

As a first step - yes. Keep in mind that the associated folder may be invisible if the list of folders is too long for one screenful.

Related but a different question…

Is it possible to search only a selected folder? This was possible in the ‘Advanced Search’ of old interface but not sure if there’s a search string that can filter to certain folders only.

Yes, you can search by folder by adding folder:Folder.Subfolder in the search field.

  • Geir

Thanks Geir! I had tried this but hadn’t realised that the folder name search is case-sensitive.


The folder name is now shown in local index search results (#596).

  • Geir