Missing functionality : Tags

First of all, I’m really happy with the new interface. It looks good, it feels good and once all issues have been addressed I believe it’d be a great step forward. Good work!

Now to the issue itself. I cannot see the ability to add tags in messages in RB7 as it can be done now in RB6.
Is there a plan to add this functionality to the new interface?

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, Tags will be added to Runbox 7 but although this is an essential feature for those who use it we have to focus on the core functionality first.

  • Geir

Good to know. Agree that R7 is coming along nicely and confident that the indexing issues will be resolved.

I also look forward to the addition of tags. Like many others, coming from a paper background where ensuring everything was filed in the correct folder was engrained, I’m trying to learn a new habit. In a digital environment, tags are more powerful and flexible. I’m not quite there with a single documents folder on my MacBook but have made the transition with my “e-paper” document management application and it’s like the move from floppy disks to a solid-state hard drive [yes, I’m old].

Glendon: Completely understand. But although I did introduce tags in Runbox 6 I still sort messages into folders, since I got into that habit long before tags were invented. :wink:

  • Geir

I also do a basic message sorting into folders, but apply tags to narrow down future searches, as a message can have multiple tags but belong to a single folder only… Tags matter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your message – we haven’t forgotten about this functionality. :wink:

– Geir

How will be tags implemented?

In IMAP there’s a tag functionality which works with Runbox but is completely separate from web interface tags.

Is there a plan connecting them?

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Regarding tags, we have talked about integrating the tags in the web interface and IMAP tags. There is some work for us to do on understanding how that would actually happen, but in theory there isn’t a reason we can’t do it and it is something we are interested in. Unfortunately, there aren’t many email clients that support IMAP tags very well, and as such it isn’t something that is in great demand. However, it does come up from time to time and we will look at it.

@Dave I have been interacting with the RB IMAP servers manually, and looking at what the current email client I’m using (Postbox) does, and I’m pretty sure it just uses custom flags. My permanent flags list in the mailbox contains all the labels I used to use for Gmail (I just migrated) and includes the new ones I added in the mail client.