Runbox 7 Roadmap

@Geir: is there a roadmap where we can see when these things will get implemented and what’s ahead of them? That would really help us understand what’s stopping X feature I think is really important from being available right now.

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@gtf21 I’ve moved your message here to create a new topic about a Runbox 7 roadmap as I think that should be a topic on its own. I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dave - a public roadmap like Buffer’s or Monzo’s would be nice (I think Buffer’s is a bit more complete).

Now that you have made RB7 OSS, are you accepting contributions to the codebase from users?

@gtf21 Thanks for your message and your interest in our plans.

There is a rough Runbox 7 roadmap published as part of this blog post:

We are using a fairly advanced project management system (Twproject) internally that isn’t easily accessible externally, but we’re planning to publish more details about our plans going forward.

Additionally we have an internal issue tracker (using Gitlab) that we are in the process of migrating to Issues · runbox/runbox7 · GitHub.

And yes, we definitely accept contributions to GitHub - runbox/runbox7: Runbox 7 web app! :smiley:

– Geir