more stuff showing up in folders than is there

I have a few aliases setup and i have filters setup to move email coming to that alias to a certain folder. It works fine.

Currently on RB6 i have 18 messages in this folder… which is fine and is what it should be.

On RB7 i have tons and tons of emails. Emails that i have long deleted and emptied the trash on. Now they are all back again. I scrolled and eventually it displays the oldest email as being dated from November 17th, 2017. If I had nuked these emails long ago, as I tend to keep the folder rather empty, how did these emails get resurrected?

On the folder pane, there is a 18 next to the folder. Which I assume means 18 new messages. Yet all the messages are being displayed as read. Nothing is bold. So i am not sure how that 18 is being calculated. On RB6 i do have 18 messages in the folder. Only 18 and they are all marked as read on there as well.

I checked some of the other folders and it is the same there. Emails that were long deleted are back.

If you synchronized the account index with your device the index may have contained messages that were previously deleted if they were deleted via IMAP or POP.

If the issue persists, please try to delete your local index (lower left corner) and starting synchronization again.

  • Geir

How do I know how a message was deleted? Is there a way other than IMAP or POP that would stop deleted messages from showing up every time I log in? Should I just turn off synchronization to stop deleted messages from reappearing? Thanks.

Hi @Temothee and thanks for your message.

If you’re using a local/synchronized index, messages that have been deleted via other means should disappear from the message list when you scroll to that part of the list.

If this isn’t occurring, could you provide some more detail about what you are experiencing?

– Geir

Hi Geir
For example, on Monday I delete messages using a Chrome browser on a Windows 10 machine, then I use a Linux machine for the rest of the week. When I go back to the Windows 10 machine the following Monday I see old messages briefly after I log in, then they disappear. Sometimes I even see a screen flicker before I log in showing old messages, then it goes to the login screen. Perhaps I don’t understand the purpose of synchronization. Is it just to index messages locally? I don’t see a need to do that because I rarely search for old messages. Thanks.