Mouse pointer tips

The Runbox mouse information tips that appear when the mouse pointer is placed over different Runbox elements and buttons, are difficult to read because the information tips are under the back of the mouse pointer.

This same problem happens with Runbox Mail, Community Forum and Support Forum.

For all 3 places, please move the Runbox mouse information tips so they are above the tip of the mouse pointer and easy to read when the pointer is over various Runbox elements. Thanks :grin:

Could you send us a screenshot of this please along with some details of which browser and OS you are running please? for me the tips are below a “hand” icon and far enough below that they are easily visible. I support different systems/browsers may display this differently.

I found it’s not possible to get a screenshot of the info tips because when a key is pressed to take the screenshot the tip will disappear. So I made a short .mp4 video without any audio that is 1m46s long and attached to this email.

I purposely made the video smaller, it’s still slightly bigger than actualize, to better understand how some of tips can be difficult to read. While making this video I realized the tips don’t obscure or disappear quite as easily as I thought, but they would still be easier to read if they were above the pointer or icon so they’re not obscured at all.

The one tip that is the most difficult to read is for the Community Forum category Top. Because the tip area over Top is so small it is very difficult to keep the tip on screen while keeping the pointer in the tip area.

If the tips for the Community and Support forums could be made larger and above the mouse pointer that would be the most helpful because they are the smallest and most difficult to read tips with a small lightweight font on a light background. I do not wear glasses or have any vision difficulties, but sitting with my laptop at a comfortable typing distance the small and sometimes obscured tips are difficult to read and for tips I’m not familiar with have to lean in a little closer to read the tip.

The Mail tips are nice because they are larger and white text on a dark background. But they still obscure easily when moving the mouse to select an icon and require being more precise with the mouse placement to see the tip and make sure the correct icon is selected.

If the Mail tips appeared above the icons there would be no accidental obscurity and selecting the icon would feel more quick and natural without the tip sometimes being obscured by the bottom of the mouse pointer.

Browser: Brave 1.42.86

OS: Windows 11 Home, Version 21H2, 64 bit

Thank you for taking the time to consider my feedback.

Update: Video attachment wouldn’t work here. Sent this report with the video through the Support forum. Support forum confirmed the attachment of the video and after sending said “Your request has been received”

Hello. Thanks for the video which we received via our support system.

I think this is a browser problem because the video you sent showed this forum, our support website and Runbox 7. The first two were not written by us and by two separate companies and of course Runbox 7 is our code. All three show the issue you mention and so I think it’s worth:

a) trying a different browser like Firefox to see if this is a browser issue or an OS issue.
b) raising the issue with the developers of Brave who are in a better position to do something about this

I do notice that different browsers do present the tooltips slightly differently but never with the mouse pointer over them. For me the problem doesn’t happen at all across three browsers with any of the three websites.

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Thanks to your pointers I checked around some other parts of my laptop and I think it’s an OS Windows problem because some other programs and menu’s on my laptop also display the pointer tips below and behind the pointer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why I oughta give Microsoft a piece of my mind :smirk:. I think I’ll save my energy for more worthwhile endeavors, like watching paint dry. :laughing: