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Hello… First off, I 'm not pleased as to how long 7 is in beta. If 7 wasn’t ready to be used you shouldn’t have come out with it. Now, a simple task seems to be impossible with Runbox. I’m trying to move an email that is in my delete folder back to my inbox but who the ■■■■ knows how to do it. I try dragging into in the In Box but that a no goes, why are you people making what should be an easy task impossible to do?

Let’s review some facts:

  1. There are many ways to access your email. This beta client is just one. You have choice.
  2. This beta is for collecting user feedback. It’s not forced onto users.

Log into to do what you need, or set up your account in any number of IMAP clients.

As for the trouble you are having, please share:

  • Your device
  • Your browser

That login link is what I am using and it shows 7 beta which seems to be in beta stage a life time, it got to be over 3 or 4 months now and I have never seen anything like this beta taking this long… Windows 10 latest computer. it doesn’t matter which browser I use same results in any. You people are always changing the way to move emails from folder to folder. One method you say just point mouse on email and drag it into folder you want it to go, now I see select the email you want to move and select folder. I wish you people just leave thing the way there were and to end this beta stage.

Betas can take years. Look at Google’s Gmail which was in beta for many years.

The browser you are using is definitely important information to share since it lets the team try to reproduce exactly what you are observing. This is important to provide you with help.

That said, I, too, am having trouble with this. I can not drag messages out of the Trash, and I thought this was working before. However, you do have another method.

  1. Select message
  2. Click the Folder icon at the top.
  3. Choose the folder you want to move the message to.

Done, easy, simple.

I’m sure drag-and-drop will be returning soon. In the meantime, you can always use another email client. This one is still in beta.

(… and a bit of advice, referring to others as “you people” is not considered polite. We are all just volunteers here trying to help each other.)

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Okay Firefox, and Brave and chrome but I stop using Chrome. As to your suggestion I see now that method is the prefer choice which seem to be working, you can close this thread as solved, thanks

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve just had a quick look at this and I can certainly see a problem here. I’ve moved some messages from Inbox to Trash and then back again. It seems that Runbox 7 hasn’t updated to show some of them have moved back, but the old webmail seems to show them fine. I’ll pass this on to our developers.

okay, good to know, thanks

I was seeing if a feature request was made for this functionality and discovered it was already implemented! Thanks!!