multiple delete/select issues

There seems to be an issue with multiple delete.


If i have a message preview visible and i select multiple messages above, there is no way to delete them all at once. the only trash can that is displayed is in the preview window which only deletes the currently visible message ignoring the fact that multiple messages are selected.

It does work however if the preview window is closed. I can then select multiple messages and a pop-out icon for a trashcan displays and they all disappear.

Missing functionality:

On the old interface i could click on one message, hold the shift key and then click the last message and everything in between is selected. Then i can delete them all. That functionality does not seem to exist on Runbox 7. I have to manually select multiple emails. For example if i receive 50 emails today and 20 of them are spam and they are grouped together before i could select them all and delete. Currently i have to click on one at a time to select them and then delete. A lot more clicking.

The old interface had the ability of clicking on a blank square on the header bar and it would either select all or deselect all (if some or all messages were already checked off). That functionality also seems to be missing.

Thanks for the report.

Please see this thread for the message preview/delete issue:

To select multiple messages in a row you can simply click the radio button of one message and (without releasing the button) drag up or down to select more messages. We will consider alternative ways of selecting multiple messages.

  • Geir

I am not sure Geir picked up on the fact that this issue occurs when the PREVIEW window is visible. With that said, it would be nice to have the option to leave preview window open in the web interface.

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The problem seemed to be that the button to delete messages is hidden by the preview area, which is what is being discussed in the thread I referred to.

  • Geir
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i added this on another post, but will add it here as it pertains to this thread as well.

When selecting multiple items… it only works with messages visible on the current page. If i want to select lets say 30 messages that are not all visible on the screen, i need to first select all the messages on the screen. scroll down to the next page either via the mouse wheel or page down key. then continue to select more. There is no way to have the screen auto scroll while i am dragging down messages to delete.

Normally this is not an issue, and currently only really pertains to the trash folder as there is no empty trash button nor a way to select all (at least that i was able to find)

To add the discussion of multiple selection, when I’m cleaning out my inbox, I sometimes search for a particular subject or sender of a newsletter, and then select all of the messages for deletion. Sometimes, there can be 30 or more messages, so needing to select each message individually can be time consuming. It would be nice to have a select all option of some kind.

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Although I like the functionality with pressing mouse button and then selecting all the messages it is not standard intuitive web behavior. Plus it doesn’t work properly, at least in my case with Ubuntu and Firefox 58.0.2. Also on a tablet might be difficult behavior (disclaimer, didn’t try it myself).

If I haven’t selected anything, press mouse and select multiple messages, the first one where I started above, is not selected. Same with de-selecting messages. If you click on the message first and than press mouse over the already selected message it works but means extra clicking.

I would still add the standard web behavior to selecting multiple messages with SHIFT or CTRL and not only in the radio button column but over all the columns.

Which brings me to another point. Why using radio buttons for multiple selections? Radio is for single selection and checkboxes for multiple selections. I think the browser behavior of being able to select multiple messages with SHIFT could be solved when you switch from radio buttons to cbx-es. I tried to test this but with inspect element can’t change it myself easily.

My preference would actually be to get rid of the whole column but guess I am contradicting myself there with not being user friendly / intuitive. Not sure how many people realize you can select multiple rows with SHIFT / CTRL if they don’t see a cbx in front of the row.

I agree, it is not intuitive. I had to be told on here that i could click and drag the radio buttons. It is also quirky at best. All over web apps, (outlook, gmail etc.) have check boxes where one can shift/ctrl click the selection.

Thanks for the feedback. We are considering changing this behavior.

  • Geir

Replacing the radio buttons with check boxes has been added to our issue tracker [#770].

Selecting a range of messages has been added to our issue tracker [#771].

  • Geir

Issue #770 is now fixed.

  • Geir

You understood my comment correctly. If the preview window is open, then you start selecting messages, click the delete button, and all you have done is deleted the message in the preview window. I would also like the option to keep the preview window open at all times.

I see what Geir was referring to in regards to the preview window covering up the floating tool bar. Bring the tool bar to the foreground and the issue goes away.