Need to re-authenticate again

I have installed RMM7 as a PWA on my iPhone and iPad.
Every time I switch from the app to another app or clicking a link in a message that opens the browser, I need to re-login into RMM7.
This is really not workable. :frowning_face:

Maybe it matters, I use Touch ID on my devices.

Thanks for your message – the issue has been reproduced and is now added here:

– Geir

This is an ios issue with PWA. Articles out there says it should be better with iOS 12.2.

Ref this one:

“PWAs have a new lifecycle and on most normal situations, the state of your app will be saved and restored between sessions, but there is no way to kill the PWA and restart it from scratch”

Hi, I am having the same problem, and it got worse after the last update a couple of weeks ago. I really have to log in every time I put down the phone and get it back. The funny thing is that for a second I can see the new emails and then go to the login screen. When I am on the go with no laptop is exhausting. I use android 7.0 NRD90M.
Please help

Yes, what is really needed is for the PWA to behave more like a native app. so that when you launch the interface you remain logged in. It’s something we are aware of so this won’t be forgotten.

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