New condensed layout and other improvements

We have just released a Runbox 7 update that includes several improvements that have been requested by our users here or via other channels:

  1. Condensed layout that makes more efficient use of horizontal and vertical space.
  2. Improved and consistent sidepane open/close funcationality.
  3. Drag and drop messages from any message list column.

You can find more details and screenshots of the new condensed layout here:

We have also made performance improvements to the app by separating index synchronization to a separate worker thread. (This seems to have caused inconsistencies with the automatic display of new incoming email in the message list, which we are now working to fix.)

We’ve also fixed an issue with the browser notifications generated on new incoming email (when activated in the browser).

Let us know what you think about these improvements – we hope you like them!

– Geir

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It looks much better now. I would also suggest some additional improvements, namely:

  • Remove the whole “Good Morning…”. Or at the very least, make it collapsable;
  • Move the Compose button somewhere else;
  • Move the Drafts to the folder list;

By doing this, we will get some much needed vertical space in folder list. The layout will look more streamlined, less busy and more minimalist.

For awhile now I’ve been experiencing the problem of new emails not displaying until the Runbox tab is refreshed on my Windows laptop with Brave browser. That’s great the problem is identified & is being corrected.