New feature: Search option builder


We’ve just deployed a new version that lets you easily add various criteria like Subject, To, From, and Date to your searches. You can also limit the search to the current folder.

Click the 55 button at the right-hand side of the search bar, and the following options will pop up:

Each of these will add an example search option to the search field, which you can then edit as desired.

– Geir

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Any plans for saved searches/“smart” folders?


Yes, saved searches/smart folders are something we’ve been discussing. The general feeling so far is that they would be useful. So while they aren’t officially on the development plan (yet), I suspect we will do something like this sooner rather than later :slight_smile: No promises; but seems likely.


It’s a bit old topic, but maybe I can add some comment here rather than opening a new one.

I have checked the “multiple search field” box which provide nice options, but maybe a few ones are missing (In my very humble opinion)

I was formerly a gmail user (nobody’s perfect) and they had a feature I found pretty interesting.
They offer to use some keywords to refine search.

The ones I liked most was: “has:attachement” / “has attachement pdf”…
Very powerfull when you look for a specific attached file (can be combined with other criteria).

An other one was search on size: “larger_than:5M”
Very powerfull when a bit of cleanup is needed (or combined if you look for a specific PDF larger than…etc).

They have other keyword like “from:” or “to:” etc…

I like the keyword idea in the search field (a bit “geek”, a bit less clicks, only typing). But additional fields in the advanced search could do the job too (or both? :crazy_face:)


This sounds like a good idea.

When searching trough really old mail, it’s usually a receipt in my case, and filetype and size would help a bunch.


+1 for the usefulness of the facet search commands you mention. BTW outlook uses them too. How could we live without that?!


You guys are absolutely right! These sort of keywords are a very powerful tool and should be considered for implemention, in my opinion!


I use saved searches in my FastMail account in preference to folders, and this works very well.

I would like to see this option also in Runbox.


Currently the options area that gets open after clicking on the wrench icon opens on the bottom of the page. It’s very far on a computer display, far to travel on a touchpad. Would it make sense to open it in between the search line and the header of the messages list?