New User Needs Reference for UI

Sorry if this ignorant question about the Webmail IU has already been fully covered. I’m not finding the interface intuitive. It appears there are several tricks and tips not covered in the on-line help documentation (which I’m finding extremely thin). For example, to read a message in a folder listing you must click on its subject (which also brings up straightforward buttons for forwarding, replying, etc.), whereas clicking on its author brings up new window that turns out to initiate a reply – who knew? (BTW, is there a preference somewhere to not include by default a copy of the original in a reply?)

Bottom line: Is there anywhere (short of asking all my individual questions as they come up) that I can find a reference document, or at least a list of obscure behaviors, to speed up the learning process? – jclarkw2

This is the same behaviour as in the current interface.
I’m not arguing this does/doesn’t make sense, but definitely it’s not new.

Sorry to confuse. I’m using the current interface. (At least I think I am. How do you find a version number on a Webmail interface?) If this is solely a Beta-testing discussion, could you please refer me to the current help forum? – jclarkw2

Dear Administrator – Could you please delete this thread? I can’t find a way even to edit a post, even though it’s my own. I finally found the proper forum at “” and copied my OP there. Sorry for the confusion. – jclarkw2