No concept of "archiving" email / inbox zero?

I’ve just moved from gmail (well, gsuite) to Runbox, and am in the process of migrating my family over. I know it would be a bit much to expect feature parity given the completeness of gmail’s interface (which I really do think is quite good) but I cannot find the concept of “archiving” rather than either deleting email or keeping it in my inbox permanently. I’ve been operating with a zero inbox for years (my inbox is only for things I haven’t yet processed). Does this concept not exist in Runbox? It seems a huge oversight!

Hello @gtf2. Yes, we have a plan to introduce an archive function in Runbox 7. It isn’t in RMM6 at the moment, but it is something that comes up from time to time so we are going to implement it in the new Runbox 7 web app at :slight_smile:

Hi @Dave, thanks for letting me know. Will you have this as a configurable folder, as my current email client uses a folder called Archives, whereas Gmail, for example, keeps the archive in [Gmail].All Mail. I imagine some services use a folder called Archive. Having this as a configurable option would be nice.