No notifications in Android app

I am using an Android 7.1.1 phone and the new Runbox app does not have notifications.

Well yes, me too. I have another email running over my Android 8, and it is not an actual app, it is just web-email over Android, work great but, I have to install something. Perhaps Runbox 7 is doing something really new and we will be able to receive notification, if that’s I hope it happening soon.

Thanks for your comments.

We’re currently working on web push notifications in issue #904.

– Geir

It works now

(image attached) but there is only a visual notification. There is no sound with the notification on Android 7.0 device. Thank you.

On my Android 8, on the notification bar with no sound, a notification came, actually twice for two separate events, this notification come from the Progressive Web App (PWA), I have the icon of FireFox PWA for Runbox7 on the phone main screen. However, remember some member over here complain about login and have to login again using the PWA on the phone. Okay, if I click over the FireFox PWA notification noting happen, just disappear from notification section, I guess because there is no login access or perhaps FireFox still have not found the way to produce the PWA screen on the phone.

Then, I open the FireFox PWA for Runbox7, login and check the email. I am so excited about it. I know this is a baby step but you know what Runbox, please keep going.

Also, the notifications do not go away after I have read the messages. For example, I get a notification on my Android phone and read the message but that notification still appears, sometimes days later, on other devices such as a separate Android tablet, a Chomebook, and a Chromebox. It seems like I have to manually delete all notifications from each device. Thanks.