Notes timestamp

It is not important at all, but you maybe have to know that the Notes timestamp is shifted by + 1 hour.
I made a change on one note at 22:23 but the timestamp shows 23:23.
I can live without the timestamp, the datestamp is absolutely fine for me.

P.S I’m referring to the timestamp on web RB6 and RB7. In Apple Notes is the timestamp correct!

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This is interesting as I’ve just tried the same thing with one of the notes that I have in Apple Notes and the time stamp is correct.

Is the time zone set correctly in your Runbox account?

For anyone reading this who is not familiar with Apple Notes (and who might like to take advantage of the app), this isn’t a Runbox feature.

Apple Notes works via IMAP and stores notes as messages in a folder called Notes in your email account. You don’t see the Notes folder in Apple Mail because it knows it is being used by Apple Notes and so it hides it. However, you can read notes in other email apps and in the webmail interface as they appear as messages. It is quite a convenient feature :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
the time is set to my home country and this has identical timezone to Norway.
It’s spooky, just made few changes in existing notes, the time is shifted + 1 hour and the date too because is just before midnight. Isn’t an issue with the winter / summer time?

P.S. The things become even more interesting.

  • If I write some additional text in an existing note, the timestamp is + 1 hour
  • If I delete a portion of text in one existing note, the timestamp is correct

All this only on web, in Apple Notes all timestamps are always correct!
As mentioned is not a problem just strange.