"null" notifications


Every now and then I come across this error. The notification on the bottom right of the screen shows “null”


Occuring on Firefox 64.0.2, running on Windows 10.

Did not find a way to reproduce, it does not happen all the time.

Do those messages lack a subject line, by any chance?

– Geir

I am 90% sure that is not the case, but I will check that during next week and will let you know!


Today I got a “null” notification. It all pointed to an email with subject which fell on my inbox folder, but at the time I was not on that particular folder.

I am wondering if the fact that I am on different folder will somehow induce the error.

I hope I helped somehow.

Carlos Dourado

I have the same problem with subjects containing unicode characters, i.e. Japanese.



Maybe the same happens for me with Unicode characters, but in this case with Portuguese… I will check into that and will let you know!