Odd RB7 behaviour

When I download my email via POP using TB, it works fine. I see the messages disappear from RB7 webmail. I have 2 folders which are manually checked in TB using the logon format of (USERNAME%runbox.com%FOLDERNAME). However, any message count or new message count remains the same. It will not refresh. Only the inbox seems to reset to 0, but the others do not. Eventually, It will go back to 0, but even hitting F5 wont do it. I often have to use TB to check the email a 2nd time, before the message count will go back to 0, even though there is nothing on the server.

Another thing I have noticed, and I think I know how to replicate it.

  • Use TB to download my messages from inbox. The other folders I have are not touched and some contain messages, others are empty.
  • Do not F5 to refresh, so it leaves the folder count for Inbox as it had been before I used TB to download my messages
  • Click on a folder that has messages (in my case, Spam or Trash). It will then display the emails in that folder.
  • Click on a folder, any folder, that is empty. The same messages that were listed in the previous step are still there. It will not show me a blank folder.
  • If I then click on another folder with messages, they will display.
  • Go back and click on an empty folder, and once again, the message from the previous step are still there.

I have tried hitting F5 at this point, but the behaviour perists and the message count in the alias folder are still there.