Odd way of displaying new messages on login

When I log in to RB7, the first thing I’ll notice is the unread count badge in the folder list. Then I look over and see the Date and Size columns in bold, but the From and Subject columns will be blank.

Sometimes it will eventually update on its own, filling in the missing details, but other times, I must click to a different folder and back.

I am using the latest version of Firefox. Index synchronization is enabled.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to see a new message come in to be able to say whether behavior is different for new messages that arrive after login.

Hi @wmrbf and apologies for this late reply to your message.

I have noticed an intermittent minor delay in rendering the message list, but not as extensive as what you’re describing.

Is this problem still occurring, and do you have a large amount of messages in your Inbox?

– Geir

Hi @Geir. No worries!

It does still happen, but I think it has improved a bit since I wrote. I don’t have a large number of messages in my inbox; as of this writing, there are only 64.

Actually, I would say that it is now much better in this respect.

I have that behaviour too. 600 messages, FF, Win10, different laptops. The From & Subject fields of unread messages are blank until they get rendered.

And just when I thought it was “much better”, today it took about 20 seconds to update…and some of the messages refused to display anything, while others displayed without problems…there was a spinning circle cursor in the lower left corner. I’m not sure if it’s a separate issue, but I had to switch into RB6 to read my messages.


I have discovered what might be a piece of the puzzle. I logged into one of my accounts, which I could see had five new messages. The message list did not fully render, and I waited quite a bit of time (20–30 seconds?)

Then I took my mouse and moved it quickly across the message list. When I did that, the list immediately rendered.

On a FF+Android the subjects render when swiping over the screen.