Outage - Feb 9, 2023 (Website, POP3, SMTP)

My mail client started prompting for a password on one of my accounts, and when I attempted to load the main Runbox website, it was not loading. I was able to load the Status and Community sites, though.

Is there a known outage? Details?

Seems to be back up now. Looking forward to knowing what happened. DDoS attack?

I see your post on the Status site, and that is FANTASTIC how quickly you provided an initial response. Thanks for following through on your promise to improve the response time. :smiley:

Just a mention — it doesn’t look like the main website is included on the Status page, unless I’m missing it? If it’s not there, it probably should be added. :grinning:

Your response to the Outage states that restarting Authentication Services helped to resolve the problem. Just curious how that would impact the main website? It was completely offline for a short while.

After restarting authentication related services all user-facing services are running normally again.

I was advised that the Community site was the best place to discuss outages, but I’m surprised that there’s been no response to my thread here about the outage 2 days ago.

I’m starting to experience some flakiness today (Feb 11) with one of my accounts rejecting authentication, but nothing is showing for IMAP on the Status page, so might have just been temporary, but figured I’d mention it.

I had the same here in UK a few hours ago, IMAP was failing, but currently appears to be OK.

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Several of my accounts are starting to go down. All use IMAP, but that still appears to be showing as 100% uptime on the Runbox Status page. POP3 does show an outage, but I’m not using that protocol.


Something’s going on.

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I think it’s the SMTP instability, not IMAP, that’s causing the authentication issues that my computer keeps prompting about. Keeps telling me to re-enter passwords.

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You could be right, Thunderbird was reporting authentication issues for me too earlier today, but currently is OK.

Having same issue here in Northeastern US. Occasional time out for both IMAP and POP. Authentication hangs up and times out.

There appears to be some instability again in our services that is affecting some customers. We are looking in to this. Sorry for the inconvenience.