Payment not booked

I have send a Payment about a Month ago per IBAN BIC. Nothing happened. In my account the Payment is marked as pending. I have controlled the numbers all is good.
I have send three e-mails to with all data and a confirmation from my bank. Only automatic response. What happened? Are all employee corona sick?
My subscription comes soon to the end and the payment is still booked pending.
What can I do?

Hello. You say that you sent three emails to us and that you got an auto reply. Can you check whether the auto reply asked you to reply to that auto reply as sometimes this is the case and we don’t see your emails until you reply to our message? I know that sounds complicated, but unfortunately it is how our support system works at the moment.

@ATA-lex We have found your payment and applied it to your account.

Our apologies for the unusually long time it has taken to process your subscription, and welcome to Runbox from all of us!

– Geir

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Hello Dave
I have overlooked that I should replay to the confirmation e-mail that has been send automatic as response to my request to I am not so good in English reading and writing. I have not read all of the text. Sorry!
Good to hear that you have found my payment and booked it. I was afraid that I have to look for a other e-mail service in the next 7 days. And as you where under denial of service attack I thought my subscription has expired. When I could not login in my e-mail account. Now all is OK. Thank you!