Please improve handling of email addresses / contacts


The experience when entering email addresses in the To:, CC:, BCC: fields is not good compared to most other email clients.

I seem to recall raising this in the very early days of RB7 testing and yet I don’t see much improvement even now.

  • I need integration with contacts so that I can use mailing lists. ATM I have to revert to RB6 which is silly and annoying.

  • The list of addresses that comes up when starting to enter an address is a nice feature, but it is not good enough. There needs to be a way of getting to that list and editing it to remove errors, rarely used ones, etc.

  • I’d really like to be able to select an address in one of the address fields and move it to another, e.g. from To: to cc: when I have done a ‘reply-all’.


We’re working hard to improve the Contacts interface and the integration with the Webmail, and @tadzik will definitely appreciate your feedback here. :slight_smile:

– Geir

I’d say that improvements in this area are endless:

  • When composing an email, I cannot invoke contacts from the compose menu (very basic!)
  • The encoding with the contacts is all messed up (for instance, instead of having “Júlia” as I had typed, “Júlia” is shown (clearly a case of wrong character encoding).

I would love to leave google contacts behind (I have already left calendar for most of the stuff, despite the big room for improvement), but I see this as something far from happening, considering Runbox is running behind (a lot!).

Carlos Dourado

Hey, as @geir said, I’m your guy re contacts :­) I’m currently hard at work with the backend side of things (moving stuff over to DAV etc), but the frontend feedback is no less important, so thanks for those notes.

AIUI, currently the list that pops up when composing is based on addresses found in the mailboxes, which doesn’t necessarily include the contacts from, well, Contacts. I guess it would be best if those would pop out first (the matching ones, of course), followed by whatever comes out from the existing implementation.

As for encoding, it’s possible I messed something up during the current setup (though you caught me by surprise; having ś in my name I usually check for these things :­P), but I think it’s best to belay that issue until the DAV backend is in place, the current solution is really temporary, and DAV is right around the corner – I’ll check if everything’s alright with character encoding there just in case.

AIUI, currently the list that pops up when composing is based on addresses found in the mailboxes, which doesn’t necessarily include the contacts from, well, Contacts.

I have tried to test this feture, but to no avail.
I start typing either a name or email, and nothing pops up. Should it?
Tested on Firefox 64.0.2 on Windows.

I hope I made myself clear :slight_smile:

Carlos Dourado

Just to add another 0.05€ to the subject, I tested the address completion with chrome and it actually worked, so I am guessing it must be some sort of incompatibility issue with Firefox.

Carlos Dourado

Hi @dourado,

Are you using a local/synchronized index? Autocomplete of recipients requires the index as that’s where the recipients are currently stored. :slight_smile:

As @tadzik mentioned, proper contacts integration is very much in the works!

– Geir

Well, you are absolutely right.

I synchronized the index, and suddenly email addresses auto-completion were working the way you had mentioned.

Thanks a lot for the clarification!

Carlos Dourado

P.S.: Shouldn’t the index sync be automatic?

Until now the email-address popup-suggestions have been mail-addresses in your search index, which could have many variations of names for the same email-address. The latest version now use the name from contacts if the email address is registered there, and also show just one instance of that email address.

Regarding syncing index by default, we want this to be optional, since this feature is downloading a bit of search index data and storing it on your device. You may not want this for all devices that you use, but of course for the optimal search experience you’ll need this.

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