Please modify UI Runbox 7


  1. Why no Refresh or Re-Check for Emails button on the Runbox 7?
  2. Back button/icon should be on the top left of the message and maybe like this “<–” before the folder icon. That “x” on the top right is very confusing :frowning:. I’ve clicked so many times the folder icon thinking I will navigate back to Inbox. It is one thing I really dislike about the new UI (sorry, I appreciate the effort you guys are putting in)
  3. I think everybody expects a iOS app since the service doesn’t support push notifications or at least exchange
  4. Is “stay signed in” possible?

Thank you

Hi @miklosh.janosh and welcome to the forum.

  1. Runbox 7 automatically checks for new messages on its own so there’s no need to click anything to refresh the message list.

  2. There isn’t any need to click “back” or “forward” either as the app works similar to an email program/app where one of the three panes show the message you last clicked on. If you’re viewing messages in full width/height you can click any folder to close the message and show the message list.

  3. A Progressive Web App is available, using modern web technologies instead of native apps. This shows new email automatically as well.

  4. Yes, this was just launched for Runbox 6 and is in the works for Runbox 7.

– Geir

I meant back button for the Progressive Web App (iOS/iPhone). On the desktop version it isn’t necessary, it works fine the way it is

Is persistent sign in possible on iOS? I get logged out quite often on Safari iOS.