POP connection often hangs

When I connect to the Runbox POP server it’s started to frequently hang when my mail client sends the username and password. When I connect again, it works fine. Any ideas why this intermittent problem might happen?

Same on IMAP

I agree with Valdo. This intermittent problem occurs on my Linux Laptop running Thunderbird, but does not happen on my Android phone with MailDroid, or on a Desktop running Thunderbird.

I suspect this is related to this issue on our status website:


We are still seeing brute force attacks but we are improving our ability to deal with them on a regular basis. Rest assured we are actively working on this to bring the situation under control and it is now much better than it was a week ago.

Hi Dave,
did you identify the attackers?

Regarding the IMAP “hangouts” those appears mainly on macOS Apple Mail after the Mac wakes from sleep (the wifi is up and the Safari quickly opens any web page) and just very rarely on iOS Apple Mail. No idea how differently access the two clients the email account, but the difference is obvious.