Potential Astronomical - I am impressed

The services this email offers is very diverse and a little bit more then anyone else is even coming close to doing. I believe fastmail is the closest thing behind you guys. I am endorsing this 100% and you can look forward to making 1000s off of me. I already am down $150. I will say this though: Listen to my words and my suggestions. Tear my head off or what have you after that, but listen first. The opportunities lost by the refusal of another view point’s knowledge and perspective cannot not be measured. No quantum jokes here.

The persual of the integrated cloud and email should be maintained as well as encrypted phone and VPN/wire guard services. I would advice staying away from the open PgP thing and focus on actual encryptions & ciphers. RSA 4096 bit then ? The PgP will be its own stagnation.

A keyring or vault to store all of this in would be game changing. Do not confuse cloud storage for keyring. You do not lock your keys in your house when you leave on a trip. How else would you get back in? The Yandex.Key is the closest thing I have seen in that direction.

Yandex is another company to inspire ideas from and steer in another direction.

I’m a customer of Runbox and I’ll use the same direct speech as you did.
Yandex is the same thing as Google is, a spying and tracking platform.

Hey Runbox, put your security keys in Putin hands as this rusky troll suggests!

You see there you go again spreading info and promoting Falls from government propaganda. When if I can remember correctly when Wikileaks occurred Vladimir Putin has prevented the United States from being able to obtain Edward Snowden and that’s the whole reason that we even know about the mass government spying that they do through metadata. So miss me with that. I’m on a pure business perspective when it comes to comparing Yandex in the capabilities and email hosting and privacy.

And that’s all I care about is being able to run my legitimate quotation marks business without anyone being able to spy on me or be able to hack or obtain my information so their ability to be untraceable and Untouched by a foreign government entity because at the end of the day when the person that runs the world through force in true economic power by a false currency or God, whatever you want to call it. The goal is to make that impossible. I only care about making money. I have thousands to spend and give to support and promote the development of the paper abilities in the maintenance thereof actually care about the internet kill switch. You know why they want to kill it so bad.