Preview window on right [#757]

A lot of comments have been made about making the window size adjustable for the preview window on the bottom. I have not seen anyone comment to have the preview window on the right side of the message threads instead of below them. I am not sure what kind of screens are the most common, but i have a 24" at home and a 27" at work. There is more than enough screen real estate to have the preview window on the right. For text based emails, it would simply mean the message would show up on more lines as there is less available width. For HTML pages, most of the time they are not full width anyhow and would look better in a narrower window.

Take a look at how has their layout done. Folders on the far left, then a 2-3 line message thread view, then the preview on the far right. IF the preview window is collapsed, then the multi-line message headers becomes 1 line.

Not sure what others would think of this.

It would make perfect sense. Screens are 16/9, even 21/9: they’re more wide than high.

It would be logical and practical to be able to use more of the current screens widths.

Thanks for your comments. It’s possible we might be able to implement something like this. The layout you suggest is popular with email clients, and it is one I use all the time also.

Why not, but please also keep the top/bottom layout.

Thanks for the feedback – we’ll increase the priority on this issue (#757).

  • Geir

Vertical preview pane is now available in production, depending on browser window width.

We are planning amend this with a button to switch between horizontal and vertical preview pane.

  • Geir

Now with buttons to switch between horizontal and vertical preview pane. :slight_smile:

  • Geir