Printing problems

To be honest i am not a big fan of the RB7 interface. So I usually stick with the RB6 one. Now and then I switch back to RB7 to see how it is progressing.

I came across what I think may be a bug. I think.

I am using FF 96.0.3 on Windows 10.

I have RB set up with vertical previews. If I open an email that has HTML code, and press the print icon on the toolbar (far right), FF brings up the preview. The fist page is always blank apart from the message headers. page 2 is where the body starts to print. However, it looks funny. The message is cut off. See screenshot below. If I switch to horizontal preview, another bug shows up. The preview is now blank. I have to click another message and then come back to it for it to display. Even in horizontal preview, it does the same wonky printing. The only way I can see to get it to print is to click the icon for “Original HTML” It will then load the message in a new tab and then I can print it. Now it prints fine, and the first page is no longer blank. However, there is no message header.

While in preview mode, whether vertical or horizontal, the message does display perfectly, just wont print properly.

Hi @nathaniel and thanks for your message!

This is clearly not working correctly and I have created an issue for it here now:

I took the liberty of using your screenshot – I hope that is OK. We are currently working on a different set of issues according to our defined Runbox 7 quality milestones, but expect to have this bug resolved within weeks (mid-March at the latest).

Hopefully the “Original HTML” workaround is useful in the meantime, as you figured out on your own.

Thanks again!

– Geir

Thanks for getting back in touch. By all means, use the screenshot. It is there for that. The workaround is fine for now. It does what it needs to do :slight_smile:

A touch off this topic, but when I switch from vertical to horizontal preview, how come I need to click on a different message and then back again for the preview to show up? the preview mode changes, but the actual email itself will not display unless I click on a different message. Then it is fine.

Yes same issue raised by me months ago but hopefully you will be able to nail the problem. I realise that this is just one of many issues still to be ironed out but means for me (and others I assume ) I rarely use RB 7 to print. Good news is every time I log on to RB7 it seems a bit better but please don’t retire RB6 for a while yet!!

I was wondering if there has been any progress on this issue? For me, it is still not working. If nothing else, the exact half printing is down to 1/3 visible. Even less is showing to print now.

Thanks for your message @nathaniel – we hope to get to this annoying issue very soon!

– Geir

@nathaniel @kenfran This is now fixed in the most recent version of the app – apologies for the wait!

– Geir

Hi Geir

thanks for the update. For me some of the problem still persists. If I want to print in HTML then part of the email trail comes up boxed in in the left part of the page. There is only the headers on first page and the body (boxed and in the left of the page is from page 2 onward). Works okay for non HTML.

cheers Ken

I was a bit quick with my previous post as the fix was still in the pipeline to our production servers, where it has since been deployed.

@kenfran if you are still experiencing issues with the print format, would you be able to post a screenshot (unless it contains sensitive/personal details) so that we can see what the problem is?

– Geir

hi Geir

The problem seems to have been fixed and display is now looking normal in print mode