Progress on RB7 beta?

Hello Runbox

I do not want to introduce a negative tone but I get the feeling that progress on RB7 development is slow and getting slower. I really do want RB7 to succeed, initially for Windows and then as an Android app - this would make me very happy.

This is why I opted to join the Beta test group.

But I am finding it frustrating reporting issues and not seeing a response for what feels like a long time. I know to expect functional shortcomings in a beta test phase, but continual, clear progress is key to success, and communication is vital to that.

I was in the Beta test of Newton and it is hard not to make comparisons in the process. Newton now works very well on Windows and Android - it is my ‘go to’ email client - but when I heard that RB7 was being developed I thought it would be a great opportunity to replace it. As things stand, unfortunately, I can’t see that happening, or at least, not anytime soon.

I hope this message doesn’t fall foul of the forum’s code of conduct - I hope it is received in the constructive spirit in which it is sent.

Best wishes,


Hello Richard,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can assure you that there is continual progress on Runbox 7, but it isn’t always visible. Recently we have made some subtle updates to the functioning of the interface, and have also been resolving issues relating to discrepancies between what is shown in the local message list and what is actually on the server.

There have also been updates relating to how IMAP interacts with the new indexing, and there is more to come on that. We have prioritised some of the most commonly raised issues (such as how folders work - or don’t depending on your point of view) and we will be getting to them soon.

It’s hard not to compare to other beta tests you have been involved in as you say, and at Runbox we prioritise sustainable effort over time rather than speed. Runbox 7 is a long-term project for us because there are so many exciting things we can do. Once we have the email functionality that allows us to roll it out to everyone we won’t be stopping there as we have things such as Contacts (including sync with CalDAV), a Calendar interface and many other things to come that Runbox 7 will allow us to do.

I’m sure Geir will come along and provide some more detail too.

Your comments are certainly received as being constructive, so please don’t worry about that.

Many thanks for the considered and detailed response Dave. I was hoping / assuming that was the case & I look forward to seeing the developments come through. The Runbox team hasn’t let me down yet - here’s looking forward to another 15 or so years!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your message.

I appreciate your concerns and your constructive feedback on the Runbox 7 development process. Although progress isn’t always visible like Dave mentioned, we are working continuously to ensure that Runbox 7 becomes the success you are hoping it will be.

Part of the reason for the lack of replies to some of your posts recently is that we have been waiting for our developers to report back on the relatively complicated indexing related issues. We have to some extent focused on these issues over features because they are essential to the core functionality.

Another reason is simply that May happens to contain a lot of public holidays in Norway – and although the core team never stops, our developers deserve some time off. :slight_smile:

In seriousness, we will work even harder to realize the potential of Runbox 7 and sincerely appreciate your help and continued support.

  • Geir