Q: Screen estate issues


The ability to continuously scroll inbox (and other folders) in Runbox 7 seems nice. However, if screen estate is limited, it would be of great help if there was a option to skip the split screen:

  • Majority of width goes to sender and subject
  • If one wants to see the contents of a message, it would be possible to open the message in a new tab. Currently, open in tab is not possible in Runbox7 at least in my os&browser.

As of now, the UI is nice on desktop but less so on vintage ultraportable with only so many pixels on screen.

The right side is called “preview” in the settings menu. How am I supposed to go from preview to proper-view? If there is a way, it could be made more obvious: I failed to find it without RTFM, and even after browsing through the read-me-first pages.