Question about adding a custom domain to email

I have a mini account and would like to add a custom domain. Currently the domain is hosted elsewhere and the email that I want to add to runbox is already live with that host. I’m wondering if I close the email account with that host, will I then be able to add the email address to runbox even though the domain website is still being hosted elsewhere? I hope this makes sense.Thank you!

Hello @Noni and welcome to the forum.

Yes, you can do this and it is very common that people have their website with one provider and email with a different provider.

It’s just a case of adding your domain to your Runbox account, creating the addresses you need as aliases (or as sub-accounts) and then switching the MX record in your domain’s DNS to

Within a few hours your email will come to Runbox instead of the current provider but your website will remain as it is now.

We have a guide for this:

Thank you, Dave :smiley:

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