Question about "Trash" [#919]


Sometimes I do a search which produces results including both emails in Trash and emails in regular, non-Trash folders. If I select them all, what happens to the emails already in Trash? Do they just stay there, or do they get purged?



Deleting a message from Trash will permanently remove it from your account.

We have created issue #919 for removing messages moved to Trash from the index, so that they don’t appear in search results.

– Geir

I was just wondering whether it is on purpose. And this seems to be an answer. I would actually partisan the opposite: keep the trashed messages in the index so as they can be found (after being trashed by mistake or because the message becomes needed after all).

(Using the search in a trash bin does not do anything. It probably should - just now i needed to find a trashed message.)

Draft messages do not appear either. There I would argue even stronger that they should be among the search results.