R7 Indexing and security of information on laptop

This may sound like an odd question but here goes.

At the moment we are travelling for a considerable period and we are extra cautious about security. My question is about indexing with devises when on R7. I have declined to have my email indexed to my laptop as I am worried if the laptop is stolen this may provide some information to the thieves from the laptop. Is this a correct assumption as I really don’t understand how the indexing works.

On a separate note I have found the Runbox 2fA system and individual passwords to devices just great as we are continually using wi-fi belonging to others.

Hi. Glad to hear you are finding the 2FA security useful :slight_smile:

Regarding the local index, in some ways having the index on your computer is like using an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird and having your email downloaded to your computer.

We always suggest regardless of what you are doing on your computer that you use device encryption to protect all your data from theft. If you have a Mac you can turn on File Vault in the settings and this encrypts the hard drive on your computer (full disk encryption). If you have Windows then Windows 10 (not the home edition) supports full disk encryption via Bitlocker software.

If you don’t have the option to have full disk encryption then you can delete the browser cache while travelling and just access Runbox 7 without downloading the local index. You can still search for messages and do most things you would normally expect to do. You could also use the local index but delete it each time you are finished accessing your email.

The most convenient option is the first where the device has full disk encryption and you just use it without even knowing that feature is turned on. I hope that helps.

Thanks Dave. As I don’t want anything any my computer until we get home can you tell me how I delete the index on a windows lap top and an iPad

You can delete the index clicking on the “Stop index synchronisation” option in the bottom left of the interface under the folder list. You can also just delete the browser cache contents. These options should work for your browser on the laptop and the iPad.

If you use a Private (or Incognito) browsing window, does that not purge the index as soon as you close the window? That’s what private browsing is for — temporary, isolated browsing sessions.