RB 7 not starting - showing logo only

Hi again.

I am unable to start the app as only a logo is shown in the browser (please check image)


This happens with Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) and Windows 10.

The app was working until a few days ago and works fine with Microsoft Edge browser.

By the way, does the app use only port 443 (https) or does it need any other ports to perform?

Carlos Dourado

Can you try to clear your browser cache and reload the page?

Only port 443 is required.

  • Geir

I have cleared the cache, removed cookies, but the situation remains, now in firefox 58.0.1 on Fedora Linux 27…

Working fine for me: Win7 32 bit, FF 58.0.2

I will create a new Firefox profile and let you know how it went.

Carlos Dourado

For the record, the app seems to work when I use https://runbox.com/app (and not https://mail.runbox.com/app).

It seems to be related to my profile, strange as it may be…

Isn’t runbox.com/app the recommended address?
BTW, for me https://mail.runbox.com/app/ opens a window with the flashy Runbox7 logo, but no place to login. That’s fine by me :slight_smile:

I’d bet it worked in the past! :slight_smile:

Moreover, even the https://mail.runbox.com URL shows me a “garbled” site.

It just happens I use firefox sync.

anyway, this is is the wrong forum to address this issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

https://mail.runbox.com/ is not a supported URL, and neither is https://randomsubdomain.runbox.com/.

The correct URL is just https://runbox.com/ and https://runbox.com/app/. :slight_smile:

  • Geir

Just an update to this… I was searching for an answer and this thread led me to the answer.

Seems that http://runbox.com/app is not correctly redirecting to the secure (https) version, as one would expect it to. For a moment, I thought the beta site was offline.

I’ll report this issue separately.