RB7 and LastPass

I use LastPass to manage all my various passwords. It will auto populate my login and passwords for my sites so i do not have to manually do it or right click and use the menu to force populate. Very handy feature. it also puts a tiny icon next to each field so if a site has multiple logins i can pick which one i want.

With RB7 it does not auto populate nor does it show that little icon. I have to right click, choose LastPass and then select the site (as LastPass detects the runbox.com address and i can have it fill in the information that way.

I know LastPass does not work with flash. And I know that you do not support LastPass. However it would be nice if RB7 worked with it. RB6 does.


LastPass is a “must have”.

Lastpass works for me. I see the lastpass icons in the username/password fields, and the username and password is filled automatically. I’m using the Google Chrome extension. Which browser / OS are you using?

I am using FF 55.03 64bit. For a lot of reasons i do not want to upgrade to the latest FF. Mostly because of my addons that are either no longer compatible or the replacements lose so much functionality as to be useless.

LastPass works fine on RB6 and all my other sites. Just not RB7.

FYI, I’m currently using Enpass 5.6.5 for my password manager, and just to let everyone know this works fine on RB7 on Chrome/Firefox/Opera browsers.

Lastpass worked for my RB7 login using Chrome as normal.

I just tried… in Chrome it works fine. It continues not to work on FF56. I have to right click and select Lastpass and fill from the context menus.