RB7 in headless browser and LastPass


I am running Chrome Beta 72.0.3626.28 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running Android 8.1.0.
The version of RB7 that is being loaded up within the browser is 2018-12-24T13:15:21.900Z

I have noticed some odd behaviour and I wonder if it is intended or a bug.

  1. Log in to RB7 at https://runbox.com/app.
  2. Log out and I am taken to the RB6 login screen.
  3. Log in to RB6 (the only choice from here).
  4. Go to ‘Webmail’ menu item, select ‘Runbox 7 (beta)’ option.
  5. Taken to RB7 login screen in a headless browser.

Is this intended?

The same can be achieved more quickly by logging in to RB7 with the URL as step 1 above and then clicking on Chrome’s Collapse Menu Button (i.e. the hamburger button) and selecting “Open Runbox7”. I’ve only just doscovered this!

This is a very clean interface which I like, but it has a big downside in that I can not get LastPass to enter credentials. Using LastPass allows me to use a very strong password but it also means that I need it to fill it in.

Am I missing something?


Hi @richardm,

It sounds like Chrome is opening the progressive web app version of Runbox 7 when you do this. I can’t reproduce it on an iPhone (it takes me straight to Runbox 7 Inbox in step 5), but I’ll check with others on our team.

In the meantime it’s probably easier to go straight to https://runbox.com/app/. :slight_smile:

– Geir