Remember state: folder pane, view options

The app should remember the last used state of the folder pane and of the view options (inline previews, threaded view, …). It’s a bit of a pain to toggle these every time.

Given cookies are allowed for the domain it can be expected that the functionality is not built in yet.

Otherwise, great job and looking forward for the new improvements!

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Hi @ondra,

An existing issue for remembering message list options can be found here:

With “state of the folder pane”, do you mean which folder was selected? If so, I think it’s sensible to always show Inbox upon logging in, but this could perhaps be made into an option.

Thanks for the compliments – many more improvements to come! :smiley:

– Geir

Each time, I log in on Runbox 7, I have to select “Threaded View” again. Runbox 7 should remember these user options.

Nope. Open or closed.