"Reply to" behaviour


When clicking “Reply to all” on a message i sent earlier, it results in the expected behaviour: “to” and “cc” get copied from the earlier message to the new “to” and “cc” fields. Strictly speaking it is not correct but expected and needed.

When clicking on “Reply”, my own email address is copied into the “to” field of the new message. This should not be, of course i do not intend to write to myself.

Regards, Ondra

Is this when you are replying to a message sent by someone else as I can’t replicate this behaviour at all?

When replying to a message from the “Sent” folder, that is one that I did send earlier.

Ok. I understand what you mean now. Yes, different behaviour there would be desirable. At the moment the reply is just following the logic that the reply should be to the person who sent the message which is yourself, but as I say, different behaviour would be better.

Thanks for your message @ondra – I have now created an issue for this here: