Replying issues [#759]

The reply ability seems to be a little wonky.

I select a message, click reply. the cursor is initially in the to field. If i hit reply the cursor should start off in the message body.

Pressing the TAB key does not switch from the TO field to subject or body. However hitting the TAB key if my cursor is in the subject, will switch to the body part, but as stated below, will go to the bottom of the quoted text and not above the text like it should.

Clicking on the message to reply, the cursor by default goes to the bottom, so my reply is below the message i am replying to. The first line where the cursor shows up starts off with a “>” character which is part of the original message. On the old interface and other email platforms the reply text will go above the quoted message. Once i get the cursor visible in the message body, i then have to click at the top of the message and hit enter a few times to get a blank line or 2 and then start my reply.

I see the words “message text” in small blue letters, but clicking on it does nothing.

Thanks for the detailed report/suggestion.

I have now added the issue to our todo list.

  • Geir

Issue #759 is now fixed: Focus is given to the text area in replies and the cursor is placed above quoted text.

  • Geir

I am running FF 56 and the issue is sort of partially fixed. I click on an email and click reply. visually it looks better that it had originally. However if i immediately start to type a reply, Firefox goes into search mode. To me this means that the reply box is not in focus. I physically have to click the blank space below “message” to get the cursor visible before i can write. Initially the cursor is not visible.

On another note, if i click the trash can to cancel the draft, as i am testing, it brings me to the drafts folder instead of the inbox, or whatever folder i had been in when i clicked reply. The draft folder is also in threaded view? The message subjects are surrounded by a box about 1.5 inches around and shows a one sentence preview. Not sure what mode this is. I cannot seem to get it to view like the inbox. I have a few messages in draft and i guess a few are blank, so the message looks like a square and is out of place. I included a screen cap here.

Personally i don’t like that view and would like the ability of displaying the drafts folder the same way the inbox and other folders display.

Could you open another post regarding the second issue?


nathaniel: I can reproduce the focus issue in Firefox, while it works in Chrome and Opera. I’ve reopened issue #759 in our tracking system.

Returning to the original folder when canceling a reply/forward is already an open issue (#767).

  • Geir

Regarding browser support, Safari on Mac worked perfectly.

Issue #767 (Return to Inbox if canceling reply/forward) is now fixed.

  • Geir