Reuse of adress and aliases after leaving Runbox

what happens to account name and aliases I use, if I leave Runbox?
Do they become available for other users after some time or are they forever reserved and not reused?
I mean aliases in domain.

Hello @Ivanlo.

Usernames and aliases are permanently reserved to protect the privacy of the original user.

We only recycle them on request and if the person requesting the username can show they were the original user. As you say this only applies to our own domains as other domains could change hands and whoever owns the domain at the time is entitled to create addresses on them so we allow that. I hope that helps.


After the free trial period expired and I didn’t pay, the address is ‘taken’ and when I tried to sign up with the same address to pay, Runbox wouldn’t accept it…Can you request the reinstatement of the address before signing up for a paid account??

@dogdad60 Thanks for your message. You will need to open a support ticket about this ( as you won’t be able to sign up with the same username as we don’t recycle them. Depending on how long ago the trial expired you might still be able to try and sign in and you will get asked to subscribe. If that doesn’t happen we can allow the username to be used again if we can identify you as the previous owner. I hope that helps.

I wish I knew earlier, but now that I’m subscribed with a new username. Thanks.

Raise a ticket anyway, your original choice of username may still be available.

Runbox Support can be very accommodating!

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@dogdad60 Yes, as @FredOnline says it might be worth raising a ticket anyway because if we can verify you had the username before we can add it to your account as an alias so that you can still use it, or even rename your existing account for you.

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Thanks, Dave and Fred. I didn’t think about getting one back as an alias. That would be useful. I will raise a ticket.

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