Revoked SSL Server Certificate?


Hi !

Today I tried to access runbox from work (I use runbox for personnal email) on

It was working yesteday, but today I have an error message from some corporate security system.
it says “Revoked SSL Server Certificate”
"This is typically caused by a Web Site presenting a revoked certificate, but could be because of a configuration error. "

Is it an issue with certificate at runbox or my corporate IT is over-reacting to something? :slight_smile:


This sounds a bit unusual. We have a valid certificate on and not other reports of this sort of problem. It could well be that your corporate IT dept. is blocking access to Runbox if they have a policy of blocking webmail at your work place. However, it sounds like a strange way of doing it. It would be interesting to know what you find out.


I would not bet on a webmail restriction: other webmails works, andn yes there are such blocking policies for other website (like file storage) but it does show up a very different message.
But who knows…:thinking:

Maybe it’s a temporary issue … I will check again next days.
It’s not a blocking issue, I still have access to my email on my phone or home.

(thanks for your confirmation)