Rules Enhancement

The ability to run one or more rules on a particular folder. Currently, rules only work for new email and not messages that are already in your Inbox or other folders.

Is there a way to add multiple phrases to existing rules? If not, there needs to be a way to add multiple keywords or phrases to a filtering rule.

After creating a couple of hundred rules to organize new messages coming into my Inbox it would be nice to be able to toggle the filtering rules ascending/descending as well as the save command button.

If you use Outlook, you can add rules for that specific app, but they will only work client side.

When you’re creating those rules, uncheck the box that says “Don’t process any more rules”. I did this to move emails where I initially needed them, and then I made server side rules so that I could take the config with me.

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Thanks! Good tips. For me, I only use the web interface and an Android app. I have no doubt some enhancements will be coming. I have almost 300 rules right now and they could get condensed down to about 10 rules if you could add multiple keywords like email addresses to each rule.

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Conventional email apps will work fine with Runbox, as long as you enabled IMAP.
To get to the pictured, go to Settings > Account Security (enter password) > Manage Services.
In this example, I have turned off POP. POP is useful if you’re MIGRATING because it fetches a copy, but IMAP is more reasonable for day to day use.