Runbox 6: Message view wrapping and controls placement


I use Runbox 6 on a laptop/desktop [don’t get on at all with the Runbox 7 format], and find that for some messaqes the text wrapping to fit the current window size does not operate [i.e. I end up with a horizontal scroll bar].

This is probably due to some aspect of the message text - which seems fair enough.

The more annoying aspect of this is that the message navigation controls ( |< << >> >|) get relocated off-screen to the far right of the message - rather than being maintained at the right of the window. This means that when I am stepping through messages and hit one of these ‘non-wrapping’ messages I have to go find the navigation controls (particularly annoying when the message is not of interest and just needs to be skipped).

Could this be fixed with a tweak to Runbox 6?

Another niggle is that when the window size results in the control buttons (Refresh Compose Delete …) being wrapped - they get placed over the message title. It would be nice if this didn’t happen.


It’s easy enough to open the offending e-mail in a new window, just click on the html link in the attachments:

True - but my frustration is caused by the controls disappearing off-screen in the main window.

I have the situation where messages are often simple acknowledgements (which can be seen in the first few words of the message) and I want to move on to the next message. Unfortunately these accursed messages move the controls so that I have to scroll across to get at them (rather than just repeat a mouse click).

[Messages that merit reading in full are less annoying as the work of scrolling is offset by the value of the message.]

All small-beans, but just my 2p.