Runbox 7 bug (but also present in a different way in RB6)

there is a bug in RB7, actually a modified continuation of a RB6 bug. It appears in a different way between the two versions.
This bug is generated by Apple own iOS and macOS clients (both latest versions) and not tested with other email clients.

  1. When deleting an email with Apple mail (iOS or macOS clients) in RB6 web clients those emails are not moved to trash but remains in in their original folder (in this case was Inbox) and the whole line containing email sender, subject and date is striked through (attachment RB6)
  2. When deleting an email with Apple mail (iOS or macOS clients) in RB7 the email disappears from the Folder but is still counted in the totals of each email folders (attachment RB7)

Hello. This isn’t actually a bug, but it does need resolving in terms of message counts in Runbox 7.

With email clients when you delete or move a message what actually happens is that the message is copied to the new folder or to the trash folder (if you are deleting it) and then the original copy is “marked for deletion”. Some email clients do this deletion immediately, some have an option to choose if this happens immediately (Thunderbird) and some don’t do the deletion until you close the email client or specifically ask it to “Erase Deleted items” (Apple Mail - right click on the account name).

Many years ago we decided to show that these marked for deletion emails were still present in your account by showing them with a strike-through in the webmail. The logic was that because they are there, and they do take up storage in your account being transparent about what is happening in your account was the best policy.

However, there are many other email clients and webmail services on the market these days and none that we are aware of show messages marked for deletion (except Thunderbird if you turn this option on) and so we decided in Runbox 7 to follow this trend and not show them.

We do need to resolve this with regards to message counts in Runbox 7 otherwise there is a difference between what you can see and what the count shows.

I hope that helps explain what is going on here.

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Thank you Dave, now it’s clear, but where is this account name?
“Erase Deleted items” (Apple Mail - right click on the account name).

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