Runbox 7 error

When attempting to compose new messages I’m repeatedly getting this message:

“unknown error happened when opening email.”

This is in webmail in Firefox 102.0 on Windows 11.

Hi @rharrelson, unfortunately I’m also experiencing several problems.
With the last built (2022-07-05T08:41:19.528Z) composing a new email had become a nightmare. The web page automatically reloads, moving the already created email in the draft section. And it happens 2 or 3 times before stabilizing and finally being able to actually compose the email without other issues.
Plus, it’s impossible to flag as read/unread any email since end of may. Plus, indexing email has become slower than in the past releases. Plus, it’s still almost impossible to import contacts from gmail or other mail clients efficiently. But, most of all, it takes weeks and weeks on the Runbox Community forum to receive replies or updates (if any) about the issues you’re pointing out.
I will wait until the end of July, then I will ask for a full refund for the remaining period that I already paid for. Not because of the inability of using the email itself at all, but for the inability to have at least average assistance. I cannot rely for personal or business purpose on a service that will not give at least updates for weeks…

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Hello @ilcieco and @rharrelson

Have you reported these issues to us via our main support channels as some of these may need looking in to on an account specific basis.

We are aware of the issue with Compose that was introduced in a recent update and someone is working on that. The read/unread issue isn’t experienced by everyone so we may need to ask some specific questions about that.

Please do note though that the forum/community is not our main support channel and if you want regular replies and updates then the issue should be raised via our support system at

Thank you.

Thanks for posting and your continued support @ilcieco – we are improving our bug fixing rate but can and will do better at replying to requests here.

Fixes for the compose and read/unread issues you mentioned are on the way out now, so hopefully those annoying bugs will soon be gone.

– Geir

Thanks @Geir, hope to see the new built soon then…
I’m sorry for being fed up. I know that it’s not easy to keep things working well…


I am facing the same issue.

This is not a message corruption though, as I can open the message on a e-mail client!

Carlos Dourado