Runbox 7 feedback


As I’ve been using Runbox 7 now for 6 weeks or so, via a recommendation, I just wanted to give some feedback as R7 is still in beta.

I note from various posts in the forums that I will be echoing several opinions, however, the more voices that make the same points, maybe the devs will look at them in time.

I assume that as R7 has been in beta for quite some time, that the devs team is quite small and it takes time for these things to reach fruition. In that respect I appreciate the time taken by the devs to get a pretty good looking/stable R7 into existence, and open source as well. Well done.

The following points are to help, not to criticize the development of R7.

1 - The ‘good morning blurb’ et al, can be removed without hurting anyone’s feelings. The space can be better utilized by moving ‘inbox’ etc up the page. To this effect, the ‘drafts/compose’ can be moved to the main bar. Lots of space doing nothing there. Also on the main bar, there is room for ‘forums’ and ‘logout’ which would be nice. Or at the very least, one icon just for logout for ease and speed of use please.

2 - What and why is ‘overview’? Again it takes up space below ‘drafts’ for no good reason that I can see. At least the ‘popular recipients’ can be disabled, however, as others have noted, whether the personalized settings stick on a reboot is another matter. I’ve stopped trying to save settings, save columns etc tbh.

3 - Continuing on the left hand ‘inbox’ panel, is it possible to move ‘trash’ to the bottom of all the folders, or for us to move the folders to the positions we prefer, ie - not in alphabetical order. My ‘work’ folder is off my FHD screen and I need it at the top in constant view. To scroll down to ‘w’ and back up to ‘inbox’ is frustrating to say the least.

4 - Instead of using the 'ISO 8601’ standard date format, in the middle (of 3) email panel, which imho is just annoying, though technically correct, is it possible to use the U.K./European standards, or the option to change it in the preferences.

5 - The entire layout of R7 is pretty good, though I do agree with a previous post saying that Fastmail is excellent. I used them for 6 years until their service was having too many slow downs for me at truly vital times. Deadlines were being missed, so goodbye Fastmail.

6 - So, is R7 the fastest webmail on the planet - no, just no, even to the extent of false and mis-leading advertising. To go from ‘inbox’ to any other folder can take several clicks. To navigate from a single email to a folder likewise, to wait for a folder to load 70+ emails takes far too long. So much so that, although I appreciate the free 13 months, if a service is unusable, what is the point of that service?

FYI - I have a 60Mb/s download connection with 45Mb/s upload.

7 - I have drafted several emails that when I send, R7 states that the email has been sent but the original still remains in ‘drafts’ leaving me to wonder, whether or not, the email did indeed go to the intended recipients. This, in my line of work, is a deal breaker. This has happened on too many occasions.

8 - I note that you have fixed the ‘export contacts’ on R7.

A more compact left hand panel would be good aka Runbox6, and a dark theme also, but these are minor in comparison to the negatives as outlined above. The other thing I miss is the ability to save the webpage as MHT. When I do, it misses large chunks of the page. I have tried this on several browsers and different MHT add-ons, including UNMHT, Mozarchiver, Mozilla archive format, but none of them do what should be easy to accomplish. I suspect Java is the problem for this, and as all websites are moving, with great speed, to the new Java standards, I assume this will be a recurring problem for me, though I note this is not a problem with R7 per se.

Before this turns in to an essay (too late?) I will leave it there and again thank the devs for their time and effort.

Kind regards