Runbox 7 - Global font choice


Hi all,
Another suggetion:
The font used ‘Avenir Next’ while a classic font (and one of my all time favourites) I’d like to question why this is the font being used?

It is quite an extended font, which on narrow screens takes up valuable screen real estate.

Why not use something more condensed? Even Roboto would be a better choice in this regard.
Inter is very versatile, and it is open source:
I think this would be a better choice.

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Hi @h00p and thanks for your message.

The font currently used in Runbox 7 was chosen mainly due to legibility on computer screens, as an alternative to the classic Verdana font face which is also quite rounded.

There might however be better options for smartphone screens, partly for the reason you mention, so we might be changing this in the future. We are also planning to introduce theming, which would allow users to choose and customize the interface.

– Geir