Runbox 7 I cannot reply, semd or forward a message

I cannot reply, send or forward any message in Runbox 7. I can read any messages ok…
Runbox 6 works okay.
I use Microsoft Edge Browser
I have done the following to fix problem but not successful.

  1. Cleared Microsoft Edge Cache
  2. Reset / Repaired Microsoft Edge on diagnostic page
    I have not deleted / reinstalled Microsoft Edge.
    I would appreciate suggestions on what the problem might be.
    Thank you so much! Frank.

Hello @vtifr and welcome to the forum.

Can you describe what happens in detail when you try to reply, send or forward a message please? This doesn’t sound normal at all.

Hello Dave,
The issue is I cannot compose Email, save draft Email, reply, send or forward any Email message in Runbox 7. Runbox 6 works good. I use Microsoft Edge Browser. This problem occurs regardless if I use my home computers (normal situation) or my computer at work. My work computer uses both Edge and Internet Explorer Browser and neither allows Runbox 7 to work properly. I do not think the problem is related to any of my computers since this problems happens anytime I log into Runbox 7 from any computer.
If I try to compose an Email, I click on the compose Icon but nothing happens. The only thing I see is it says “No Drafts” but nothing appears (no overlay) to start typing message. If I view an Email I received and I click on the reply arrow, nothing happens.
Is there something I have not setup properly with Runbox 7. I have also deactivated my Norton Firewall and anti-virus software. The problem remains. I have also tried clearing the Edge cache. I also tried resetting / repairing function on Edge. This had no affect.
I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer. Thank you!


Hello Dave,

I just used my iPhone ( Safari Browser).

I went to and logged into my account. I have same problem as I cannot compose, create draft, Reply, forward, or reply all to any Email. I think there is problem with my account on your end. Runbox 6 works okay. My Runbox 7 account does not work with different devices and different browsers both at work and at home ( different networks.

Thank you!


Me too can not do anything.