Runbox 7 - Login / splash screen

Hi guys,

I must say, I am really impressed with the new Runbox 7 interface. Very, very slick! I think you have a fantastic product here.

But, I was disappointed to see that you have added the blue header + footer and repeated arrow icons to the runbox,com/app sign in page.
I’m not a fan of google at all, but if you take a look at the google sign page, it is very simple - white background, logo + password field.

I think if you took this page back to where it was - simple, clean and minimal this would be much more effective and pleasant on the eye.

One of the reasons I use Runbox is your commitment to privacy, so when I am in a public place signing into email, I don’t need a giant ‘runbox 7’ taking up the screen.

Less is more, especially in this case!

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Thanks for your feedback and compliments!

Now that Runbox 7 is open to the public we needed to expand the login page to accommodate new visitors who arrive there directly.

We are discussing alternatives for the Runbox 7 login/front page and are open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

– Geir

Something along the lines of the attached images would be more suitable. Minimal and to the point, no excess information. It is a login page after

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