Runbox 7 message not displaying

I have a RB7 issue… I currently have an email in one of my folders. When I click on it to view it, the message body says “null”. If I view the message in RB6, or even on my iPhone using the default mail app, the message displays properly. Is there a way to find out why this is so?

The only way for me to post this message is to go to the Chat forum, click create new message and then change the forum to RB7. If I go to the RB7 forum, the new topic button is greyed out and I cannot click on it.

Hello @nathaniel and thanks for your message.

We are currently working to resolve various message display issues as part of our Message Quality milestone.

Would you be able to check the Console tab in the Developer Tools in your browser for any relevant errors and post them here?

Alternatively, can you provide the URL (web address) from your browser along with your Runbox username to Runbox Support (via so our technicians can investigate the message?

Thank you!

– Geir


Regarding the creation of new topics, are you able to create one inside a Runbox 7 sub-category such as here?

– Geir

I think the problem with the posting, is if I click on the Runbox 7 main link… so it says “All” in the subforum dropdown. Then it will not allow me to. I need to select a subforum then it will allow me to create a new topic. I had not noticed that originally.

I already removed the message. I use Thunderbird in POP mode to keep the messages off the server. However, I do not load TB every day, so messages accumulate and when I am tired of seeing so many on the web interface I load TB to clear off the server. I had kept the message there a few days, but when I had not heard back from someone, i downloaded the messages to TB. Right now there are no messages giving me that specific “null” error. If it happens again I will post again. It does not happen often, but has happened a few times.