Runbox 7 Rebound Relationship

Seduced by Runbox 7’s fresh and sexy UI, bored to tears with vanilla Runbox 6 of so many years, I finally decided to make an honest woman of Runbox 7, move in with her and ask her predecessor for a divorce.

I added the /app switch to my bookmark, bit down hard on a stick to absorb the domestic adjustment and assured myself that time would eventually smooth over some of her minor quirks --namely, 1) not being able to display images in the body of the message, and 2) not saving my preferred pane settings on exit --and 3), well, she is kinda young.

Earlier I´d complained about having to reconfigure the viewing panes to suit my preference each time I opened Runbox 7. But now I’m feeling repentant and almost tempted to go back to my ex.

Suddenly --too suddenly-- the panes issue ceased to be an issue, because now I cannot view more than two of them at any one time. On top of that, all the little icons --for Send, Reply, Trash, etc. --and their respective fly-out variations have simply disappeared from view!

Now we’d agreed on joint custody, so where are the kids?

Maybe they’re hiding somewhere I haven’t yet searched or seen. Sometimes things are right in front of your face. I certainly hope that’s the case, even if it means appearing stupid here, because that stick I bit down on at the beginning is already in splinters and --well-- I really don’t wanna go back to the old lady.

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Haven’t you learned? You are in the Kobayashi Maru. The only way you can win is not to play the game.

Yes, I have learned my lesson. The kids are back at the moment but I realize it may only be for the weekend. Good guess on my catching that allusion. Very funny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@randallhale Thank you for your message and your compliments on the newer and younger version of Runbox. :slight_smile:

In issue 1 are you referring to plain text messages since HTML messages can display inline images, and in issue 2 which pane settings are you referring to specifically (since some of them are already being saved)?

Note that issue 2 is also being discussed here since user preferences may vary depending on the device being used:

I suspect the last issue regarding only being able to view 2 panes and not seeing the menu could be related to the screen/window size, as the folder pane is hidden (and controlled by the top left menu icon) when the window size is narrower than a certain width. Could you perhaps post a screenshot illustrating this issue if it persists?

Lastly, apologies for this belated reply – we have been busy making Runbox twice as attractive. :smiley:

– Geir

PS: Obviously the Kobayashi Maru exercise can be overcome by surreptitiously reprogramming the software (ref. The Wrath of Khan).

Well, Geir, it appears that one of Khan’s bunch intervened and I no longer have a problem with viewing panes or any missing icons. My display is a PC laptop, so screen real estate was not the issue.

As for remembering settings, and after setting my Preferences appropriately, I still have to check the HTML box each time when I begin a new message.

As for embedding images, I still cannot seem to achieve that with Runbox 7. If I click the new Insert Image button, a dialog pops up asking for a Source but without allowing me to browse my files from there. I tried pasting the full file path manually but the image was not uploaded. And simply attaching it as usual, even with the HTML box checked, it still arrives as an attachment at the bottom of the message.

Hope all this gets ironed out soon because I’m liking Runbox 7 more and more and it’s frustrating having to still revert to its predecessor for certain things.

BTW, while Runbox 7 is open, I receive email notifications at the bottom of my screen. I like this. Runbox 7’s Inbox, however, does not refresh automatically or reflect this. I have to switch to another folder and then return to my Inbox to see the new message. Minor glitch, sure, but something you should be aware of, if you are not already.


Randall Hale